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Up-Skilling in the Financial Industry

Upskilling is the process of using additional training or education to build upon and advance your current skills. Technology has created new possibilities that can be fully realised by a modernised workforce. This means employees need to continuously learn and understand new aspects of the industry. 

COVID-19 has accelerated diversification in the financial industry. People have had to become more adaptable. In a recent survey by PWC among Financial Services CEOs, 24% said that their upskilling programmes led to greater innovation and an accelerated digital transformation. 

Becoming successful is now about continuous learning and finding new ways to make yourself stand out among your peers.


-Digital Technologies and Innovation 

The digital economy has reimagined the provider-customer dynamic and transformed how goods and services are bought and sold. Some businesses had previously been reluctant to switch their traditional systems to a more digital environment, but the pandemic gave them no choice. Employees are quickly enhancing their digital skills and learning new ways to collaborate with one another. With online digital skills courses became hugely popular, with many employees relying previously on the IT department to sort out their technological struggles. 


-Rise in Online Banking 

The industry is witnessing a continued focus on digitisation. The adoption of new and emerging technologies has brought in operational efficiencies to enhance speed-to-market and deliver superior customer experiences. Banks are cutting down spending on branches to invest in self-service digital channels as mobile and online banking become more popular among customers. No longer is being unable to send emails or post on LinkedIn an acceptable trait. 


-Online Courses 

With every new product and system update comes a wealth of new learning opportunities. Today, with online education and short courses, professionals can gain the most in-demand skills in a matter of weeks. An ambitious, organised and driven character will always look to up-skill and gain an advantage on their peers. Online courses being available on sites such as, FutureLearn and SKILL UP, means employees have access to all they need to get ahead in their careers. 

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