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Unveiling the Challenges in Women’s Professional Journey in Finance

Despite considerable strides towards gender equality, women still encounter substantial hurdles in progressing into professional roles within the finance sector, notably in the realm of investment banking (IB). Dr. Eleni Meletiadou’s insightful research, unveiled at the CIPD Applied Research Conference 2023, shines a spotlight on the obstacles impeding the advancement of women in this dynamic and demanding field.

Finance, often perceived as a stronghold of male dominance, grapples with gender diversity, despite modest steps towards inclusivity. Meletiadou’s comprehensive study delves into the experiences of eighteen female professionals across three major London-based banks, laying bare a harsh reality: women face formidable barriers in their pursuit of professional growth within the competitive world of Finance.

Despite initiatives aimed at fostering equity, diversity, and inclusion, the numbers reveal a stark disparity. Women occupy only a fraction of positions within the industry, with senior management and leadership teams overwhelmingly skewed towards male representation.

The perpetuation of gender stereotypes sustains the fallacy of male superiority in investment roles, sidelining competent women. The pervasive ‘boys’ club’ culture, marked by exclusivity and privilege, erects formidable barriers to women’s upward mobility. Furthermore, the expectation of caregiving places an undue burden on female professionals, compelling them to make a precarious choice between family and career.

Nevertheless, amidst these challenges, women exhibit resilience and determination, navigating a course toward transformational change.

HR managers and senior management/leadership teams (SM/LTs) must proactively confront gender biases and systematically dismantle the barriers impeding women’s progress. Initiatives promoting flexible working arrangements, equitable parental leave policies, and inclusive leadership practices emerge as fundamental.

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