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Reviewing tech candidate CVs

As technology continues to advance at an unprecedented rate, finding the right tech talent is becoming more challenging. A great CV is one way for tech candidates to stand out from the crowd, but how should hiring managers view a tech candidate’s CV to identify the best fit for their team? In this blog, we’ll discuss some key factors that hiring managers should consider when reviewing tech candidate CVs.



Based on a recent poll conducted on this subject, 42% of hiring managers surveyed looked for multiple technical skills. This suggests that hiring managers are seeking candidates who have a diverse set of technical skills and are well-versed in multiple programming languages, software development methodologies, and tools. Hiring managers understand that technology is constantly evolving and require individuals who can adapt quickly to new technologies.

Another important factor that 24% of hiring managers looked for in a tech candidate’s CV is a sample of their work. Hiring managers want to see a tangible demonstration of the candidate’s technical abilities and their problem-solving skills. Including a link to a GitHub repository, an online portfolio, or a code sample can help showcase the candidate’s technical skills and experience.

The calibre of the candidate’s previous employment is another factor that 18% of hiring managers surveyed considered when reviewing a tech candidate’s CV. Hiring managers often look for candidates who have worked in reputable organisations, startups or in successful projects. A candidate who has worked for a well-known tech company or has contributed to a high-profile open-source project may be viewed as a strong candidate.

In addition, 16% of hiring managers surveyed looked at a candidate’s total years of experience. While it’s not always an indicator of the candidate’s technical ability, the years of experience can provide insight into the candidate’s level of seniority, management skills, and experience dealing with complex technical problems.

In conclusion, when reviewing a tech candidate’s CV, hiring managers should look for multiple technical skills, a sample of their work, calibre of their previous employment, and their total years of experience. By considering these factors, hiring managers can identify the best candidate for their team and ensure a successful recruitment process.


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