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Northern Ireland’s Tech Scene 2022

Global Tech Trends

It can seem like we’re isolated from the rest of the world. However, if there’s one thing technology is known for, it’s connecting people and (more recently) things – but more on the Internet of Things (IoT) later! So it’s no surprise that Northern Ireland has been influenced by the big tech trends of the last year. Plug alert! A quick look at our website shows loads of 50k-100k jobs in tech, all based with Northern Irish companies.

So what are these trends?

Well, employers are keen on the biggies – Cloud computing, Cyber-security, DevOps, and even more Front-end. For those of us who aren’t exactly sure what those are, we’ve included a brief synopsis.




Cloud computing

Technology trends held in man's hand

Cloud computing is essentially where large companies like Amazon or Google, “rent” the use of their computing resources i.e. data storage and computing power, with users getting near full control. Why might this be good?

  • A: You don’t need the hassle of buying and maintaining physical hardware.
  • B: You get a ton of super slick code functionality with that cloud suite, as each company has the resources to give consumers top-of-the-range software as an incentive.

The board-room is keen, employers are keen & that means it’s smart to be ahead of the curve and become a cloud pro. Just think of it like becoming a modern Zeus *without the bit about turning into a swan. So who’s hiring for this? At the time of writing this article, there is over 20 jobs with cloud-related duties. That’s grown exponentially from last year. Key words to watch out for include AWS (Amazon Web Services), GCP (Google Cloud Platform) and Azure (by Microsoft). See? All the big guys are competing for the cloud.





With the Covid-19 pandemic came the inevitable rise in remote work, with many studies indicating a hybrid position moving forward. Now this can be great – good for employees and for companies. However, the speed with which the transfer has been made has left the next big target for cyber security. Hacking remote workplaces. With a speedy transfer, a lack of qualified cyber security experts and the unfortunate (if understandable) tendency for “human error”, we are in a serious predicament.

This is good news at least for cyber security professionals – whose in-demand skills are coming to the forefront. This is a career where grand narratives, shadowy characters and rouge states all play their part. If you’re looking for the new front-line in the fight against darkness – this very well may be it.

But drama aside – what are employers looking for? Well the key industry qualifications are the CISSP – (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) and some COMP TIA qualifications – preferably the Security+ and Networking+. However, experience is more important that qualifications in this one. Get in at a trainee or junior level and rack up the XP points!





DevOps work flow Northern ireland

DevOps comes from the words software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops).  The role can vary from part-engineer/part-manager to blue-sky thinking. However, the overall aim is to produce higher-quality code, faster. It borrows a lot from Agile software development; you know – the system where everyone does face-to-face meetings and collaborates on code that comes out frequently, rather than in one big finished project at the end.




front-end design in northern ireland

Where to start with front-end? The obvious place is with Javascript – the language that keeps on mutating. First, it was a joke, then it got an injection from Mozilla, Facebook and Amazon – now you can’t trip over a website without seeing React, Angular or Vue.

What can we say? People like modern websites. Employers will pay for a sleek, modern feel. Front-end isn’t going anywhere, despite the best efforts of CMS providers like WordPress, Wix and Square space. Again, at the time of writing, we have 15+ jobs in front-end development alone. This is one to watch.



Technology is constantly changing, but the trends are as dominant as we’ve ever seen. Usually, there’s some debate about which way tech will go. Well, not in 2022. The direction of evolution in technology has never clearer, and it’s time to take advantage of that. Check out our technology jobs and see the future – because it’s already here

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