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Key Skills in the Accounting and Finance Sector

Hire IQ have been in the accounting and finance recruitment sector for over 20 years now. We aim to help everyone from graduates starting out to people that have been a part of this sector for many years find the right job for them.


An important part of furthering your career is ensuring you have the correct skills. Depending on what level you are at your skills will vary. Learning the skills you need and practicing them is essential when trying to further your career in the accounting and finance industry. 


At Hire IQ we want to make sure employees that come through us are aware of the skills they need and are willing to further their knowledge and practice. We have put together a few of the skills we deem important to employers in the accounting and finance industry in Northern Ireland. 

Organisation Skills

Organisation is key in any job, finance and accounting is no different. Dealing with an array of business accounts can be daunting, it is your responsibility to juggle clients, deadlines, reports etc. This requires a high level of organisation skills.  

Critical Thinking

In the accounting and finance industry you will run into a lot of errors, discrepancies and inaccuracies. You must have your critical thinking head on! Spotting errors can be the difference between solving and creating problems for clients so you must make sure these skills are up to date.

Analytical Skills

You must have a sharp eye for detail in this industry. Accounting requires the analysis of fine and important details that can have consequences if not looked at correctly. With practice these skills can be perfected but starting off your career with the ability to correctly analyse. 


Communication skills are essential in any job and this industry is no different. Dealing with clients is a big part of this job. Knowing how to speak to clients can be the difference between them staying on or finding another accountancy firm. Good communication skills are needed to present your findings to clients and fellow colleagues to ensure there is no miscommunication or misunderstanding for strong and clear interactions.

Time Management

Managing your time effectively is an important skill that carries through to many aspects of this industry. Part of your role will be managing multiple clients and accounts at any one time so managing your time is a very important skill to have.


Industry Knowledge

Lastly, industry knowledge! This may seem obvious but industry knowledge isn’t just knowing about the general information about the industry. Your knowledge of the industry should include local and worldwide companies and how they work. Knowing a company’s competitors is just as important as knowing who that company is and what they do. Alongside this knowledge, knowing the basics of the industry, technical expertise and any other information you deem important to the accounting and finance industry.


As you can see there are plenty more key skills to obtain in the accounting and finance field than merely just education of the industry. At Hire IQ we help you find the right match for you. Whether you are seeking employment or recruiting to grow your team, take a look at our careers page.

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