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Accounting and Finance Employment Trends Post Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought a whirlwind of change – Accounting and Finance employment trends were no exception. With such uncertainty, it is no surprise there was a shift in the needs of employers in many industries in the UK. From fintech, IT, investment management, insurance, distribution and logistics – all are looking for highly-skilled accounting professionals.


From the end of 2020, companies have been rearranging their business priorities to determine how they can recover effectively from the pandemic. A strategy that Hire IQ have seen come up again and again is the use of technical and analytical accounting skills in many businesses.

Accounting and finance sector has always kept up to date with the technical world. Now more than ever these skills are needed in this sector. We are all aware that technology has played a huge role in our lives over the last year. Allowing us to work from home and communicate with colleagues but that is not the only reason employers in these sectors are seeking to delve further.

At Hire IQ we have noticed a trend in technology informing new financial, analytical and reporting functions in Northern Ireland. Over a third of hiring managers say their business is pursuing new digital transformations in the last year. 


“Accounting professionals with the right technical skills have been thrust to the very centre of the workforce”

Technology has given the accounting industry new avenues to explore, as well as new products and services – that can integrate accountants within their business in ways we haven’t seen before.

Employment in accounting and finance

Newly qualified accountants could have the upper hand in this case. When it comes to employment in this sector as they are coming in fresh with an open mind. We have seen a growing need for data-focused professionals who can quickly gather and process business intelligence.

As companies are focusing on the recovery of their business, data and analytics-focused accounting professionals are becoming essential. This demand can be seen in the demand for employees with this skill set.

At Hire IQ we have many job opportunities for all levels in the accounting and finance sector for both candidates and employers.



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